Follow the Invisible Star

In all of the waiting and hoping and praying for life to return to its normal cadence of work, school, sports, friends and worship, it dawned on me that my pleas were misaligned. I was praying for my circumstances to change rather than praying to shine in my current situation.

I wanted to get everything back to normal first and then have a normal Christmas with all the trappings and trimmings. However, I was slow to realize the very core of Christmas is precisely what we all need right now … not with our circumstances perfect, but in the midst of the mess. Before Jesus came to save us, there was darkness and turmoil, kind of like now.

Zechariah’s prophecy of the coming of Christ says, “By the tender mercy of our God, the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace” (Luke 1:78-79).

So now, my heart is full of the giving spirit. I am ready to decorate, celebrate, bake (not me, but help my wife), worship and praise. I’m challenged to do things differently. Instead of praying for my circumstances to change, I am now praying to flourish where I am, knowing and believing that the star of wonder and the miracle of Christmas is hidden there, just beyond the thick and looming clouds.

-Pastor Edmonds Namburi