Blurb of the week

In Season and Out of Season

Are you in the season of small beginnings?

If you sow your seed at the wrong time, you risk losing your harvest. Why? Because you did not recognise what season you were in. ‘Do not despise these small beginnings’ (Zechariah 4:10).
In autumn, you dig the ground; you sow the seed, add fertiliser, and look for the harvest in the spring. In the meantime, you wait, because the soil is being recharged. The root system that is required for strong, healthy growth; is being developed.

If you are not sure what season you are in, ask the Lord. He does everything according to a set time and purpose. A deep richness and stability comes from ‘small beginnings’. Moreover, gradual success lasts than any temperamental theatrics. Such experiences offer a great learning to those who never develop a true sense of dependence on God. He gives you grace for the season you are in – not the one you were once in, nor the one, you would be in.

Paul said, ‘Be prepared in season and out of season,’ as he recognised that it was the winter at that time of his ministry. That is why he was pouring his wisdom into his successor, Timothy. Paul was not indignant about the shifting seasons. No, when his days as a player were over he simply became a coach.
So ask God today, to show you what season you are in and how to make the most productive season of your life.

-Pastor Edmonds Namburi