Blurb of the week

The Birth of Jesus Foretold
Luke 1:26-38
When angel Gabriel visited Mary and explained that she was to give birth to Jesus, I am sure that a million fears ran through Mary’s mind. Would her fiancé Joseph believe her or disown her? How would her family react? Would friends reject her? Could she be stoned for being unmarried and pregnant?
However, instead of succumbing to fear, she chooses to shake off any anxious thoughts and places her trust entirely in God. Her words both convict and inspire me; “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” It is only because she responded in this way, that Mary delivered the miracles of miracles, Jesus. Her obedience effectively changed the world.
I wonder what we people at Dargaville Baptist would be like if every believer responded to the promptings, direction and whispers of God in this way. What would it be like if we all trusted God so completely that fear had no hold, rejection had no authority and death had no power?
Christmas reminds us that God saw each one of us, long before we saw Him. This inspires confidence in me to fulfil the purposes for which you and I have been set apart.
Prayer- God, I am amazed at how you choose to partner with us to do your work. Help me to allow your voice to be louder than the voice of fear. Today I choose to trust you afresh and to commit my life to things that you call me to do. Amen.
- Edmonds Namburi